129600 years of waiting

129600 years of waiting


World129600 years of waiting
AuthorIonasal Preciel
PlatformPC Only
WorldSize156.53 MB
DescriptionClick on the lily to switch the skybox․ Once had a small agreement with someone about the sea of flowers‚Now only the sea of flowers remains․ [I look back at previous chat records and find that you have never said anything like "thanks" or "You must be tired" to me․ I regard you as a friend‚ but you are just a playboy․ In fact‚ you just treat me as a trash can to be used and discarded․When I finally got the courage to run away‚ you did not have any keep‚ only made up stories and abuse me․․․ I don’t hate you‚ I’m just sad․․․ All the time couldn’t believe it][He will never read it anyway‚please allow me to weep quietly here for a few seconds․․․sweet dreams․]
Tag#scenery #flower #wait #alone #piano


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